Amazing Heat Resistant Gloves

Ideal for inside oven cooking or outside bbq grilling

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Top Reasons Why Cooking Gloves Should Never be ignored

Find oven gloves a little overrated? Don’t agree with the new law in California about glove usage while cooking? Though this law is officially applicable to culinary workers and professional chefs, you, as a careful individual, can use this silicone item in your own kitchen as well.

Whether you admit it or not, kitchen gloves not only protect your hands, but also ensure the safety of your digestive system. Wonder how? Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of illnesses are caused by food-borne diseases every year. Dirty hands can transmit innumerable disease-causing viruses and bacteria, including Norwalk virus, shigella, and many more. The worst thing is you don’t even realize that you’re endangering your loved ones’ well being yourself.

Cooking gloves is the most viable option you can use to keep your hands, food, and family protected. Still not convinced? Continue reading to figure out a few reasons to use silicone kitchen gloves while cooking, grilling, or performing other chores in your kitchen.

Say NO to Burned Hands

The security BBQ gloves offer to cooks is much similar to that offered by bulletproof vests to police tactical teams. While wearing them, you can handle hot dishes or barbecue grills quite easily. Whether you have to slice hot meat, handle hot veggies, overturn baked items or hot muffins, these heat resistant gloves will enable you to perform your cooking activities without damaging your hands or fingers.

Keep Lingering Odors at Bay

So your spouse doesn’t like your cooking habits only because your delicate hands smell like onion and garlic? Here’s a technique to enjoy your cooking routine without worrying about unsociable odors – wear protective kitchen gloves. They can equip you with a unique sense of protection and confidence while cooking.

No More Painful Moments

Cooking gloves can give you the ultimate protection if your hand is injured. They will not only keep vinegar and other spices away from your injured finger, but will also keep blood off your dish.

Ever chopped chili pepper and then scratched your face? Start wearing silicone gloves in the kitchen to avoid such painful moments.

Stained Fingers? Not Any More

Whether you have to squeeze citrus fruits, extract seeds from cherries or pomegranates, or peel beets, don’t forget to wear kitchen gloves to keep your fingers free of persistent stains. One of the best characteristics of silicone grill gloves is that they are easy to use, clean, and maintain. While you may have to wash your hands unlimited times to get rid of stains and odors, these gloves can be cleaned easily in your dishwasher.

Made of non-stick silicone material, cooking mitts don’t develop mildew or mold. Above all, you can remove almost all kinds of stains from these gloves quite easily. All you need is a hot, soapy solution to restore the freshness and shine of your grill mitts.

The bottom line – add taste and safety to your food with quality, durable cooking gloves.