Imagine a video...

that all your friends are sharing with you...

" Travelling across Malaysia in 120 sec"

It begins with a man who takes a break (lepak pose) with a Kit Kat...

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The second the guy bites into the Kit Kat, he goes into a rapid "Location Travel"

He travels all across Malaysia taking a break with his Kit Kat... All in 120 seconds!

The visual effect will be similar to this...

Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.

Just that they guy won't be standing still... He will be eating a Kit Kat!

It will have a stop-motion effect, which looks like this....

In Your Arms - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video) Stop Motion Animation

Basically, the idea combines the most viral videos element.

1. Noah takes a photos of himself everyday for 6 years and combined the still images of himself into video. It got 23 million YouTube views.
2. Kina Grannis video had 7 million views.

The Kit Kat video will be done in 832 locations, across 13 states in Malaysia, with one man taking a break with Kit Kat, all in 120 seconds.

For better illustrations, sample of still images for video as below:

What's more?

"Take a break, Take a guess! How many places you can spot?"

Kit Kat to release some of the still photos for fans to guess the places name via hastag #kitkatbreak
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To intrigue a deeper interest for this project, we'll have a "The Making Of..." video. Similar to this...

The Making Of "In Your Arms" (Stop Motion Animation)

To make this even more viral, let's get a semi-popular online celebrity, and launch her into stardom

Let's feature Najwa-Latif, a YouTube singer to cover the KitKat song. This will be another conversation point of this video.

Just the way you are (cover) - NajwaLatif

So what's next?

A call for your twitpic / instagram / facebook photos to be included in the next video. All you need to do is use the hastag #Kitkatbreak and it may be selected for the project!
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This is how Kit Kat brand campaign extends in social medias and dominates it.

Campaign Schedule

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Thank you.