Kwame Nkruman

3 major accomplishments

1. Kwame led Ghana independence from the British and then became the first president of Ghana.

2. He built new hospitals and pipe borne water under health, the CCP government built a number of new hospitals, clinics, and health centers which helps the patience get the health they need.

3. He built a sugar factory at Asuature without a water system and it was after a year that the problem was reflicted to enable the factory to start operation.

Kwame Nkrumah - Independence Speech (Colour) - Accra, 6th March 1957

2 reasons/characteristics my leader is the best for that form of government:

1. Powerful and I know this because he led Ghana to attain independence from the British.

2. Kind-hearted because he built new hospitals for people that needed the care.