Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 12-8-14

New Staff

Our new IA will be starting this Monday. Her name is Jennifer Parry and we are excited to have her joining our staff.

You all met Rory Field the collaboration before Thanksgiving. He will actually be starting on Monday the 15th.

Canvas and NEU Book

Blue team will be presenting on Monday morning during collaboration. All of the discussions have been added to Canvas for each chapter. With December 15th being our Christmas gift exchange during collaboration, the orange team will not be presenting on their chapters. Make sure to add your discussion items for each chapter you have missed in Canvas.


Blue team will be presenting on No Excuses and Laura Sibert will be discussing Hour of Code which will be taking place this week during NE.

HS Video Production Video for Washington DC

As you remember, Mrs. Linson visited Washington DC recently as a recognition for East Noble School Corporation. Before she left she had asked for pictures or videos of our students using technology. The HS Video Production class created the video and Luke Amstutz presented to the school board this past Wednesday. The video is a great representation of our district and is very inspirational. You can see the video here:


NE Team Meetings

I would like to have the team meetings held again this month. Below is the schedule for these meetings. RTI students are the main focus and discussion on items for second semester.

Orange -9th






End of the semester finals are not required but if you are going to give a test here is the schedule:

Art- 12th


ELA/Math- 18th

Sci./SS- 19th

If you change from this schedule, please let me know along with your team and special education department.

Study Tables

One item from our team leader meeting was study tables and the expectation of teachers. Some students that attend study tables do it on their own to work on assignments. However, some students are there based on grades and discussions with teachers or office staff. Please make sure during study tables you are checking in with students and making sure they are working on assignments and not just playing games.

Also, the gray team only has 3 teachers that rotate for study tables compared to 5 or 6 for other teams. So... the orange team has 6 people to rotate between. I am moving Irons to the gray team only for the purpose of Study Tables. Gray team and orange team please adjust the schedule on the calendar.

Missing Assignments

Yellow team students enjoyed a pizza and pop party on Friday afternoon and free time in the gym. We will be doing the same for this Friday. Make sure you are updating your gradebook and putting the label for missing assignments so we have an accurate count.

Also, on Thursday and Friday before break we will be having all students with no missing assignments in the auditorium during NE time for a movie.

Looking Ahead

January 6th during NE time, 8th graders will be meeting with Impact Institute in the auditorium. Mr. Walmsley will be here to give our students a chance to see the opportunities that are available through Impact when they are in high school.