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Newsletter Term 2 2016 - Week 1

This week at Te Puru School...

A Message from our Principal

Tena koutou katoa, nga mihi nui kia koutou katoa.

Greetings parents, whanau and members of our school community.

Welcome back to all our students and a special welcome to our new students and their families. Te Puru School is a fabulous school on the coast, with talented teachers, very supportive and active parents/caregivers and the best students.

School Bus

John Adams will not be driving the bus for the rest of this year as he has been diagnosed with a serious illness. This is sad news for us as John has been a fabulous driver over a long period of time. We wish John a speedy recovery. In the mean time Greg our relief driver will take over on a daily basis. If you know anyone who has a current bus license and they would like to be one of our relief drivers, please let Tania know in the office.

National Standards Data

This week in the NZ Herald there have been articles about how schools are performing against the National Standards since they were first introduced. The data presented in the Herald doesn’t paint a very good picture over all for NZ Schools:

2014 Data used by the Herald: (All NZ Primary Schools)

Reading – 93,707 students could not read at their expected level

Writing – 123,523 students unable to meet writing requirements

Maths – 106,485 students were behind in maths.

By Gender: (all NZ Primary Schools)

Male: Reading – 74%, Writing – 63% and Maths – 75%

Female: Reading – 82%, Writing – 79% and Maths – 76%

The Ministry of Education target for all schools is to have 85% of all students achieving at or above the NS by the end of 2017. In Reading and Maths we have met this expectation/target and with further work we can also achieve this in writing over the next two years.

2014 Te Puru School Data:

Reading – 86% (164/192) are achieving at or above the NS.

Writing – 78% (150/192) are achieving at or above the NS.

Maths – 83% (159/192) are achieving at or above the NS.

By Gender: (2014)

Male: Reading – 79%, Writing – 67% and Maths – 77%

Female: Reading – 91%, Writing – 88% and Maths – 88%

2015 Te Puru School Data:

Reading – 85% (148/176) are achieving at or above the NS.

Writing – 75% (132/176) are achieving at or above the NS.

Maths – 83% (145/176) are achieving at or above the NS.

Writing is our main focus this year and through to the end of 2017. Students who are either below or well below the NS in Writing have been identified and many of them will work with Sarah Oxford on a Tuesday in the middle block. Pete Ingerson has been contracted to release Sarah so this can happen. Pete will also work with the target cohort to support them in their writing.

As a school we are well placed in relation to student progress and achievement. This hasn’t happened over night, but from many years of hard work from our teachers who provide the very best education and learning experiences possible.

The partnership between teachers and parents has also played an important role in the high achievement levels our students continue to gain.

If you have any concerns re National Standards and your child’s levels of achievement please contact your child’s teacher or contact me through Tania in the office.

Mike Friis


Ruma Kauri show off their amazing writing skills

Te Puru School Saturday Netball Draw

Please ensure that you check the draw below to confirm game times on Saturday. Good luck to all Te Puru school teams.
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Ever thought of becoming a parent representative on the board of trustees? Come along to our next board meeting on Monday 16th May at 5.15 pm in the staffroom.

Following are some guideline dates for Elections for Board of Trustees

Nomination forms have been sent out

Nominations close 20th May, 12 pm

Election day 3rd June, 12 pm

Declaration of results 9th June

Board takes office 10th June

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TPS Mini Master Chefs - Ruma's Kauri & Nikau buddy up to produce some yummy Cheese & Herb Straws, kumara wedges & vege omelettes - check it out!

MAD Group calling parents!

We want to hear from you! Please would you take the time to fill out the questionnaire below.

We think it would serve our community well to host an information evening around the issues of technology and the internet. Are we thinking right?

Do you have questions or concerns?

Would you find it valuable to hear from experts?

Would you like to connect with other parents who have similar concerns?

We're thinking of holding an evening in term 2 or term 3 and we only want to do it if it will be of use and you would come.

Thinking of getting a mortgage? Go with ASB for Our School!

If you take out a mortgage with ASB and you nominate our school, they will donate $1,000 to us. That is amazing!
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Making a Difference to TPS! The M.A.D. group.

The M.A.D. Group is up and running for another year. We have a great team of willing parents who love this way of supporting our school.

Who's on the team?

Rose Ward

Sharon Baker

Birgit Mayer

Maryanne Brockbank

Who's joined the team this year?

Richard Visick

Amanda Ewing

Mandy Murray

Rachael Asher

Staff involved are Pippa and Jayne

What are our M.A.D. Goals?

Easy - they all start with F

Fun - having as much of this as possible, and being a facilitator of fun for our community

Funds - raising as much money to support the learning in our school as possible

Family/Whanau - proactively developing the sense of family in our school community

What's coming up?

Specific dates & details to follow, but at this point we're aiming to do the following:

Term 2 - Scratch & Help Fundraiser


Term 3 - School Disco

Term 4 - Te Puru Quiz Night

TPS Fun Day

Can I get involved?

We thought you'd never ask!! There are a few ways you can help.

1. Join the M.A.D. group. We meet approx 4 times a year, for no more than 2 hours at a time. We're focussed - but have a lot of laughter along the way. Contact any of the people involved for more info.

2. Support our events with hands-on practical help. Each event will have a M.A.D. coordinator and they would LOVE to hear from you.

3. Support our fundraising by donating and also encouraging your children as they get involved.

Our M.A.D. programme will be finalised in the next few weeks and we will get it to you asap.

The Jungle Book - That's What Friends are For

Te Rerenga o te Wiki

Te rerenga kōrero o te wiki = The

sentence for the week.

Saturday sports, here we come! hākinakina Rāhoroi , i konei haere mai tatou

Office Cell phone 0277572058

Remember this is a great way to let us know if your child is absent. If you have a change of pick up plans or need to get a message to your child/ren, please let us know as soon as possible.

Have you paid your invoice?

Invoices will be sent out in the next few weeks for term 2 fees. We would appreciate payment for these as well as any outstanding fees. If you would like to set up an automatic payment, please come and discuss this with Tania. Thank you.

Our Assemblies

No assembly today

Coming Up

Wk 2 Rimu

Wk 3 Totara

Wk 4 Matai

Wk 5 No assembly

Wk 6 Kowhai

Wk 7 Pohutukawa

Wk 8 Nikau

Wk 9 Whanau Leaders

Wk 10 Kauri (Certificate assembly)


11.05.16 Rippa Rugby Tournament (Rhodes Park)

23.05.16 Scholastic Book Fair (all week)

25.05.16 Rippa Rugby finals (Paeroa)

26.05.16 National Young Leaders Day Yr 7/8's (Akld)

06.06.16 Queens Birthday (Monday)

08.07.16 Last Day Term 2

sport section


St Johns are providing the wider sporting community with the opportunity to learn about sporting first aid. Due to a shortage of volunteers, St Johns are funding a workshop for teams to educate, managing their own sporting injuries. These will be held on the 9th May and 19th May from 6pm to 8pm at the St John Training Hall, 1102 Queen St, Thames.

This will cover the following:

Dislcoated/fractured bones



Detecting unconsciousness

Head injuries

Spaces are limited, so if you would like to participate please contact Robyn Wilder on 07 8680555 or robyn.wilder@stjohn.org.nz to register.

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community news

rental required

A new family with 1 child new to Te Puru School is looking for a rental property. They have no pets. Please phone Becky 021-154-3408.
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Term 2 ends Friday 8th July 2016