LOVE your Stella & Dot Business!!

"Our true statement is Empowerment" -Jessica Herrin

Welcome to the Team!!!

Lisa Grady and Adinda Hirst! We're so excited to have you! You have both hit the ground running and have achieved your quick start bonuses!! Woo hoo!!

Happy February!!

It's time to Register for Hoopla!!! I just registered and am hoping you will join me! It's in Orlando, Florida this year! I can't even express how important it was to my business and it was so much fun!!! If you're ready to jumpstart yours and have big goals, come with me!! Remember it is a business trip, so it's all tax deductible! It pays for itself with the amount of impact it has on your business too! Plus, it's amazing to see Jessica and her team. Oh, and did I mention the fashion show!??!! A major highlight of my year! Check Stellaverse to register early and get $50 product credit for the Fall line!
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LOVE Tracker Incentive!!!! Win a statement piece from the upcoming Summer Collection for you and your hostess!!!

This incentive is here to help us book shows for Feb and March! I'm still booking for Feb!! Here are some words to say:

Hi Amy!

How are you? I hope you had a great Super Bowl Weekend! Our Spring collection is here and it made me think of you! I was just told that my next hostess would go into a drawing for a new necklace from our upcoming Summer collection and I'd love that hostess to be you!! If we partner together, we'll both go into the drawing! (This is in addition to the hostess rewards!) I have Feb 13th & 19th available:). If those don't work, we can find another date! Talk to you soon!! xo Pam

Post your love trackers on the Bangin Bangles & Dazzling Gems page!

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Extra Challenge: Book 1 more IN-HOME show for February and enter to WIN a necklace of your choice from the Spring Line!

This is my challenge to you all! Book 1 more in-home trunk show for February and you will be entered to win the necklace of your choice from the Spring Collection!!! The trunk show has to be a qualifying show and must be booked in the system by Feb 10th and held by Feb 29th. Sell $1500 between today and Feb 29th and you will automatically win a necklace! Remember the words to say from the LOVE tracker! I find that the best thing to do is sit down and make a list of gals then reach out to each of them! You'll get some no's but that just means a yes is coming! Text me at 810-394-4575 when you've booked your show! I'm challenging myself to do the same! xoxo Pam
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The importance of qualifying....Sell $500/month to qualify!

True story:

One morning I woke up and had a $450 order come in from a customer in Wisconsin! I had never met her and found out that it was a "corporate order". These orders are assigned to "qualified stylists". They look at the previous month and if you've qualified, they will assign these orders to you!

Once you qualify, you get:

1. Corporate Leads

2. Business supply credits. This way, you will never have to pay for your look books and business supplies! It's so worth it!

STYLE FIX PASS!!! Earn your $500 coupon for the next collection!

It's time to start earning the style fix pass!! Sell $2000 this quarter to earn it!! To earn this, you should be selling around $700/month. That's one trunk show per month! I know this is not something anyone will want to miss! If you need any help or guidance on this, please reach out to me any time!

Do you have goals? Want to go to GLAM? Interested in promoting?

I'd love to help you! Let's set up a weekly call! We can map out your goals and you will achieve them!
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I'm so grateful for you all!

This experience is so much more rewarding because of all of you! Sharing #sdjoy is wonderful and it's so much better with all of you! Thank you for being a part of this team! I'm so excited for what's to come!

xoxo Pam

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