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Back to School Edition - August, 2018

2018-2019 RTI2 Department

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RTI2 Staff Assignments

RTI2 staff will be joining microteams at both the elementary and secondary levels.

Microteam (Picture from left to right)

RTI2 Coach: Christine Pope

  • Elementary (Julie Thompson)

RTI2 Coach: Jennifer Yow

  • Elementary (Donna Howard)

RTI2 Specialist: Paula Sarver

  • Elementary (Darlene Miller)

RTI2 Coach: Julia Kirk

  • Secondary (John Bartlett)

RTI2 Coach: Peggy Burkey

  • Elementary (Adam Parker)

RTI2 Coach: Karla Halcomb

  • Secondary (Danny Trent)

RTI2 Coach: Beth Underwood

  • Secondary (Cheryl Hickman)

RTI2 Coach: Jan Coopwood

  • Elementary (Christy Dowell)

Back to School Reminders

  • Fall Universal Screening Dates: August 29 - September 19 (Required for Grades K-6; optional for Grades 7-8)
  • Please do NOT add names to Aimsweb or STAR rolls. This is handled through Aspen. Added names result in added costs for the district. Contact your RTI2 coach with any questions.
  • Printing RTI2 enrollment and dyslexia letters will be handled through Aspen this year. Directions will be published in the September RTI2 newsletter.
  • Intervention attendance needs to be marked in Aspen. Contact your RTI2 coach with questions about how best to set this up with your school. Secondary schools that have questions regarding setting up courses, contact your RTI2 Coach.
  • You can use Aspen to create a Quick Report with notes from your end of year meeting. Contact your RTI2 coach for assistance.

Why Universal Screening?

  • Helps identify individual student strengths and areas of need
  • Provides staff with accurate information for making informed decisions about skills-specific interventions, remediation, re-teaching, and enrichment for each child.

All students must participate in a universal screening process to identify those who may need additional support and/or other types of instruction.

The universal screening process will also play an important role in fulfilling the requirements of Tennessee’s dyslexia legislation.

The information collected from skills-based universal screeners, additional sources of data, and survey-level and/or diagnostic assessments together inform important decisions about student learning.

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Characteristics of Dyslexia Resources

Information on Characteristics of Dyslexia can be found in our Google Drive


Parent Brochures are available here.


State of Tennessee Dyslexia Resource Guide


Upcoming Professional Development

August 23: 4:00-5:00 Aimsweb Version 1.0 Training

Description: New users will learn the basics of aimsweb version 1.0. This training will cover benchmarking, progress monitoring, and navigation.

August 29: 4:00-5:00 Aimsweb Version 1.0 Training for Special Educators

Description: New users will learn the basics of aimsweb version 1.0. This training will cover benchmarking, progress monitoring, and navigation.

August 29: 3:30-5:30 Aspen Basics

Description: New and returning users will learn the basics of creating RTI2 Student Plans in Aspen. Users will also learn the basics of documenting fidelity checks and data review meetings.

Sessions held at Sarah Simpson Professional Development Center

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