Aurora High School #digcit

Challenge #1

Your Challenge

Choose ONE of the following platforms to create a page about YOU. Personalize your page be sure to tell the reader who you are and what you do, activities you are involved in, what you believe in, etc.

*Click here to view several student examples via @jlscheffer

You are welcome to complete more than one page. Each page you submit, will get you an entry for the iTunes gift card drawing.

Be sure to join the #digcit class that Mr. Badura created in eBackpack.

Submit the URL to your pages to me by adding a note in eBackpack that includes the URL(s) to your page(s).

Bonus: Tweeting the URL to your completed page will get you an additional entry into the drawing. Be sure to use the #aurorahuskies hashtag in your tweet so that I can catch it.