Les nouvelles de Mme Hansbrough

2ème semaine- French 1-NCVPS

Bonjour et bienvenue en classe!!

Semaine 2

Assignments are due by vendredi le 5 septembre.

1. Bonjour, TPR Quiz 3A

2. Bonjour, Writing 3D

3. Bonjour, Section 3 Quiz

4. Bonjour Unit Exam

5. Bonjour, Listening Exam

6 Le Jour et La Date, Writing 1E

7. Le Jour et La Date, Discussion 1F

8. Le Jour et La Date TPR Quiz

9. Le Jour et La Date, Grammaire 1G

10. Le Jour et La Date, Section 1 Quiz Contact your Teacher via text, BB IM or phone call..

Les nouvelles (the news)

Les nouvelles

1. If you have attended a live session, please send me the date and time you attended. There have been problems with the attendance being taken so please let me know. You must attend one per unit.

2. No online translators are permitted in the course. Please only use the grammar and vocabulary we are studying.

3. The best way to get in touch with me is by text - 770-714-0434! Much faster than email.

Student Survey

Don't forget to fill out and submit your student survey!! I sent it to you by email this past week!! Once you download and complete it, then just resent it to me. I use it to highlight all of my students throughout the semester. I will only refer to you by your first name and if there is anything you do NOT wish to be mentioned, let me know that, too!!