Monday Memo

May 15th-May 20th

Check out these cool Class Dojo monsters!

These awesome wacky monsters and not only just charming! they are wonderful teachers of Growth mindset. There are 5 episodes that are about 2-3 minutes long. There messages about keep trying, never give up and always trying have super monster power :-) Thank you Samantha for this wicked resource. (Wicked in NW England means awesome!)



  • Free Dress
  • Grade 5 Miles to Go
  • 10:30am Haley MFE


  • LS Chapel
  • 10:30am Grade 2: Grade Level Meeting
  • 11:15am Judy MFE
  • 12:45pm Paula meeting
  • Grade 5 Miles to Go


  • PAB Old Board/New Board Meeting and Lunch
  • 9:15am Laura MFE
  • 12:45pm Ana meeting
  • 1:30pm Jessica meeting
  • 2:15pm Juliana MFE


  • All School Chapel
  • Google Expeditiion Day
  • 9:15am Jenni MFE
  • 1:30pm Grade 4: Grade Level Meeting
  • New Family Ice Cream Social


  • Tropical Day - Tropical Free Dress
  • Special Schedule



  • Please draft class lists for next year for our grade level meetings.
  • Be sure to be prompt for recess duty.
  • There is a special schedule on Friday because grade 7 and grade 8 are being visited by the Google car.
  • Please remember Pre K, K and grade 1 should be at the ice cream social as these are key entry points for admissions and one grade level representative from other grade levels (Think you have a rotation going from previous years).