PLC Agenda

September 23, 2015


1. RTI Plan: How are you going to meet the needs of your struggling students? How do you plan to challenge students that have mastered the standards? RTI Schedule.

2. Guidelines for Common Assessments

3. Snow Learning: Where is your team with their PBL?

4. Common Assessments Analysis: K-Math, 4th-Math, 5th-Math/SS

What do I neeed to do before Wednesday?

1. Watch short video below

2. Develop Grade-level RTI Plan

3. Have SGG Tracking Sheet to Mrs. Walters by Tuesday, 9/22

4. Grade level ideas for Snow Learning Plan

Please bring your Grade Level RTI Plan, Ideas for Snow Learning Plan and Blue MCE Binder with you on Wednesday. K, 4 & 5 please bring Common Assessment Results.

Response to Intervention: A Tiered Approach to Instructing All Students
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