The Temptations

By Pierce McFarlane

R&B Changed Forever

The Temptations were an essiential Motown group in the 1960. Their harmonies, coordinated dance moves, and flashy outfits made their music very appealing to younger and middle aged Americans.
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Roots of Rock and Roll and Blues

Rock and Roll emerged in the American southeast during the 50's and 60's. It draws parts from rythm and blues, country, swing, and boogie. It was seen as rebellious and drew the attention of the American youth.

Rythm and Blues, or R&B, formed from a mix of negro spirituals, jazz, and gospel. It developed and became popular mostly among African Americans in a time when Rock and Roll was taking root in the heart of the white population.

The Temptations Spotlight

The Temptations remain today as one of the best known R&B groups mainly because of their unforgettable song "My Girl".

Other songs include:

Papa was a Rolling Stone

Just My Imagination

Ain't to proud to Beg


1964- #11 on the charts hit with “The Way Your Do The Things Your Do”.

1965- #1 on the Charts with “My Girl”.

1966- #3 on the charts with “Beauty is Only Skin Deep”.

1969- #1 on the Charts with “I Can't Get Next to Your”

1989- Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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