Charles Carroll

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Charles Carroll was born in Maryland and was represented the state of Maryland


Charles Carroll was educated at a Jesuit preparatory school known as Bohemia Manor in Cecil County on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Slave Issue

Charles Carroll although he supported gradual abolition, he did not free his own slaves

Political Career

He served as a delegate to the continental congress and Confederation Congress and later as first United States Sentinal for Maryland

Political Philosophy

Charles Carroll advocate of independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.


Carroll signed the Declaration of Independence. He also helped to write Maryland’s Constitution of 1776.


Carroll was 39 years when he signed the Declaration of Independence


Arrived July 9, was present through the signing of the Constitution. His attendance provided the crucial vote that allowed Maryland's delegation to overcome the objections of fellow delegates, Luther Martin and John Mercer. William Pierce stated that "Mr. Carroll is a Man of large fortune, and influence in his State. He possesses plain good sense, and is full confidence of his Countrymen.
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