Safety Pin the Problem

Everyone's using the safety pin! You should to!

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The safety pin is the latest technology for fixing small problems involving anything and everything! It's an easy and simple way to make one or your dresses fit properly without having to use a sewing machine! If you need to attach something or a there's rip in your clothing-safety pin the problem! Everyone's using safety pins! The inventor Walter Hunt would want you to be using the safety pin too!

Why you should buy this.

Anyone can use the safety pin, that's why everyone is buying it! It's very easy to use, all you have to do is slide the material inside the safety pin. Then you push the pin in so it clasps into place. That's all you have to do! Also, since its small you can carry it around this makes you able to use it anywhere. So if you ever have an emergency, you can safety pin the problem! The pin has special feature that makes everyone want to own one! That is whenever you are wearing one, it can not injury you. It has rounded edges make it a safe choice. This is an important invention and a one of a kind! It can solve problems before they become a bigger one. Fixing it fast and efficiently! So go and buy one now!
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The safety pin was invented by Walter Hunt in 1849. He invented it because he needed to pay back his friend $15. So he came up with the idea, made it and then got a patient on it. He was able to pay his friend back but still have a lot of money left over. A safety pin is easy to use. All you have to do is slide the material or whatever you would like to pin into the safety pin. Then clasp the pin into place. Its amazing that something so simple was invented a long time ago and is still used today.

One effect that this had on the people of the 1800's was it gave them a easy why to fix there clothes without having to use a sewing machine and attach things easily to items. It still has the same effect in our lives today. We use it to pin a pair of pants that or to long or pin a name tag onto our shirt. One point in history it was a fashion trend to wear safety pins and sometimes it can be used as a symbol.

I choose to use bandwagon as my persuasive technique. I choose it because I felt like it worked best with the item. Since a safety pin is a simple thing to use, I thought it would be good to brag about all it could do and how everyone is using it. Its not something you would just pick up at the store but once you have it you'll use it a lot. So convincing people to buy it using bandwagon was the best choice. I did use some repetition to get my point across and compared the safety pin to a sewing machine. Showing that it is faster to use it than taking the time to sew the problem.