Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bulling and why it needs to end!

What is Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is when kids adults any human is being bullied over an electronic device. Also through a social media network like Facebook or Twitter. Its just as bad as bullying in a school but now kids cant get away from it even when they are at home and in their so called "safe place".

Cyber Bullying is growing so fast that now 1 in every 3 kids have experience it in some way shape or form. About 1/4 of all students have been getting bullied consistently over their computer or cell phone. Then out of that number 50 percent of them have not told their parents about it and continue to let it happen.

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Prevention and Reporting

A lot of the time when someone is being bullied they are afraid to report or tell anyone about it even their parents. However, their is a couple way that you can report cyber bullying. One way is to save any evidence that the person had ever tried to bully you through the internet and don't reply to the person. If the persons threats start to get really bad and they don't stop then you have the right to take legal action and contact the police.

Prevention is also a massive key in protecting your children. As a parent their are some precautions you can take to try and make sure your child doesn't ever go through these threats.You could try being a parent and communicate with your kids daily and tell them about cyber bullying that way they can prevent it themselves and if it gets really bad then they inform you about whats been going on and show you the communication.

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