Professional Learning Clubs!

Reflect, Collaborate, Implement, Assess

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What's a PLC?

A Professional Learning Club is a group of 6-8 faculty members that meet to collaboratively reflect on and improve their teaching practices. It involves examining the relationship between teaching strategies and student outcomes and then evaluating those practices using the students' work.

Why Participate?

Have you ever looked at your students during lecture and wondered if you're getting through to them?

Do you get frustrated when students make the same mistakes repeatedly?

Do you wonder why students perform poorly in spite of the study sessions and practice problems you offer?

Professional Learning Clubs will provide a much-needed opportunity for faculty to reflect on these types of questions, share struggles with colleagues, and explore new teaching strategies with the ultimate goal of improving student learning.

Want to Learn More?

Attend our Information Session on Tuesday, March 24th from 2:00-3:00PM to learn more about TLT's Professional Learning Clubs, including:

  1. What will be the focus of each club?
  2. What's the time commitment?
  3. How will I assess student learning?
  4. How do I join?

PLC Information Session

Tuesday, March 24th, 2pm

JC Long 219 (Liberty St.)