Leeward CC DE Guidelines PD

Get your ducks in a row and align to the DE Guidelines

New Professional Development (PD) Series this Summer 2021

Aloha! In a continued effort to help our campus provide quality online classes, the EMC is offering a new summer series to help you align your courses to Leeward CC's Distance Education (DE) Guidelines. These one-week, online workshops are focused on each of the six DE Guidelines to guide you through enhancing the quality of your DE courses, elevating your Distance-Delivered courses to DE, or enhancing the online components of your hybrid courses. Register for one or many!


M, W, F: Asynchronous learning

T, Th: Synchronous sessions from 1:00 - 3:00pm via Zoom

May 24 - 28: DE Guideline 3: Design and Layout

Participants will enhance their course design and layout to ensure all learners can access, navigate, and interact with course components.

June 14 - 18: DE Guideline 5: Interaction

Participants will enhance their course with opportunities for active learning and community building through student-to-student, student-to-content, and student-to-instructor interaction.

June 28 - July 2: DE Guideline 6: Assessment and Feedback

Participants will enhance their course with regular and appropriate assessments aligned to their course outcomes/ objectives.

July 12 - 16: DE Guideline 4: Content and Activities

Participants will enhance their course with meaningful content and activities that align with their course outcomes/objectives.

July 26 - 30: DE Guideline 1: Course Overview and Information

Participants will enhance their course with information to help learners succeed such as: setting the tone for the course, establishing expectations, and providing guidance to learners.

August 2 - 6: DE Guideline 2: Course Technology and Tools

Participants will evaluate their course technologies and tools to ensure they are explained and help to facilitate the learning process to achieve the course outcomes/objectives.

Workshop Facilitators


The EMC inspires, facilitates, and supports teaching and learning using technology.