The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Author: Elizabeth George Speare

What is the main setting of the book (location and time period)?

Its set in colonial Connecticut in a village called Wethersfield, in 1685.

Who are the main characters? Give an in-depth description of each of the characters, include personality traits, qualities, and other specific details of the characters

One of the main characters is Katherine(Kit) Tyler she is aound 16 and is very haughty and has never really worked in her life. she is really resilent and is able to bounce back from just about everything.

Explain at least 3 references to REAL Events in your novel. Use the novel to cite specific text examples as evidence for these references. Include the page number if possible and remember quotation marks.

One event that the book refeerenced is the Witch trials

Explain some of the major problems the main character faced and how they were resolved?

A major problem Kit faced was the Puritan lifestyle. To cope with the lifestyle she made friends with an elderly old widow who much to everyone's disdain is a Quaker. Even though her friendship with Hannah was forbidden she continuously met with Hannah in the meadow.

The Most major problem is that after Hannah escapes on the Dolphin everyone suspects Kit is a witch so they lock her up in a shed until her trial in the morning. WHen she got to the trail in the morning she was going to get charged when Nat brought Prudence who read the Bible and saved the day so she was sent free.

Quotable Quotes: Find at least 3 memorable quotes that impacted you. Remember to use quotation marks!

"Dont you know about the water trail."

"Hannah and Prudence are my friends."

"Yes, I withdraw the charges."

What is your opinion of the book? Would you recommend the book? Why or why not? Clarify your point of view with 3 or more reasons. Support your reasons with specific examples from the book

This book is absolutely fabulous it takes you back all the way to colonial America. I would recommend t his book to anyone mainly girls but some guys may like it for its action and that its not very mushy. Girls will like it because Kit is very relate able despite being in the 1600s .