Air Dalton

Dalton Bishop and Austin Mathis

Six Business Activities for Air Dalton

1.) Generating Ideas: Our product is the new shoe Air Dalton. We developed it so basketball players have a better shooting and dunking game. We have to compete with Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, and Under Armour.

2.) Raising Capital: Our personal money and some bank loans provided by Bank of America. We will also get a job working somewhere else to raise money to make the apparel.

3.) Employee & Training: We send them to our training facility so they can learn how to make top quality basketball shoes.

4.) Buys Goods & Services: China like use there machinery to make the the shoes.

5.) Marketing Goods & Services: Commercials and Social Media. Like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

6.) Maintaining Business Records: Type it all down on the computer like the old way.

Business Entity

Our business is a corporation so that we own the entire business and get a lot more money also be able get higher investments.

Advantages: the ownership is represented by the number of share certificates held by a person, and this makes the transfer of ownership very easy. Additional capital can be raised easily through stock markets. The liability of the owners towards the creditors is limited to their investment in the company.

Disadvantages: In case of corporations there is double taxation. First of all the corporate income is taxed at a flat rate and then the dividends paid to the shareholders is taxed. Establishing a corporation is a complex process and requires registration with the central regulatory authority and listing on a stock exchange which required fulfillment of certain requirements related to the amount of capital, number of directors.

Business Goals

1.) Raise profits by 10%.

2.) Hire 25 more employees.

3.) New clothing apparel other than shoes.

4.) 20 new customers a month.

5.) Get the Air Dalton brand into stores like Walmart

Mission Statement

"To bring inspiration and innovation to all basketball athletes in the world. If you have feet, you can jump."

"To achieve everyone's max leaping ability with these shoes."

"To provide the up most dunking game in history."

"To help cure Ebola."

Air Dalton Commercial