Alice High School Newsletter

March 23, 2015

Faculty Meeting today (Monday, March 23) after school. Please be prompt.

EOC Test Administrator and Proctor assignments will be provided to you this week. Please be checking your mailbox and email for this information.

Managing Large Class Size

An article by Rebecca Alber for Edutopia.

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Looking for old newspaper articles? Check this out!

Free Technology for Teachers provides information on how to search for old newspaper articles.

Fun ways to quiet a noisy classroom

Edutopia offers tons of articles, tips, and information on a variety of education topics. Check it out when you have time.

Word Fun

"Cleave is a contronym –– a word that is its own antonym. It can mean 'to cling or to adhere to' or 'to split or sever something.' The correct meaning of the word can only be derived from context."

Bright, H., & Anser, J. (2006). That's a fact, Jack!: A new collection of utterly useless information. New York: MJF Books.