I Want That Job!

To be a DIVER! Plunge To Your Adventures

Job Description

To be a diver is not easy, you have to perform underwater activities related to construction, salvage, repair, research, rescue and photography.

Carrier Benefits

There are all kinds of exciting stuff to do when you are a diver. You get to discover underwater wrecks and you get to film underwater species for educational documentary. You get to help building structures under the water and basically spend time swimming.

Some Pictures of Missions and Divers

Education and Skills

Of course you have to have education for all kinds of jobs. So there is one for diving too. First of all, you have to have a high school diploma or GED and certification through a commerical diving school are necessary. Second of all you have to have skills to be a diver like you have to be extremely fit, and be mentally heathy.


Every person has a different personality. Some jobs need specific personalities like if you are going to be doctor you should not be someone who gets nervous easily.You should be a kind of person that can be serious.For divers, you have to be adventurous and you have to have the ability to stay calm in stressful conditions.

Facts about Diving

As every job you get paid when you dive too. The annual salary wages $52,550 per year.

And there is also a fast job growth from 14% to 20%. If you are going to be a diver you have to work for a company. Today companies that hire are:

  • Aqueos
  • Oceaneering International Inc.
  • United States Navy

Cool Facts About Being A Diver

You can discover new beings

Find treasure

And have an adventure!