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Facts and Regulations to Know Before Starting a Loft Conversion Project

Many people today consider the idea of loft conversions in order to add both space and value to their existing home. On the other hand, building a new place is definitely more expensive, time consuming and tedious too.

Never Do It Yourself:

Renovating your house is not similar to a school craft project and hence the idea of doing it on your own will turn out to be a big mistake. Keep in mind that it is a job of a professional loft conversions London company, and it should be done by one. However, you can definitely reduce your expense in other areas like,

  • Use the same furniture instead of buying the new one.
  • Buying components as per your budget
  • Installing small accessories yourself

Loft conversions London involves many authorization and you have to fulfil the necessary requirements before you start the extension venture. Taking authorization and whether you accomplish the necessary rules or note relies upon the existing architectural situation of your home. Also, there are a few situations in which you need to obtain authorization and then start your conversion work as per your convenience. A professional company can give you necessary guidelines in this regard.

Legal procedures to undertake:

  • Once the expansion programmes are accepted, submit them to your Regional Power for acceptance.
  • After obtaining the acceptance, get Building and Flame Regulation Intends ready to furnish them to your Regional Power Building Control division.
  • After securing this acceptance, provide Legal Beginning Observe to Regional Power Building Control Department and that will be all.


Since it is clear that loft conversions or any type of renovation work involves a lot of legal procedure and a professional touch to complete the work successfully, it is best to hire a well-known professional building company to do the job.