6 Traits Of Writing

Lauren McCollum


  • Choose a good topic that interests you and fits your assignment!
  • Make sure to include details such as facts, examples, statistics, thoughts and feelings.


  • Make sure your topic sentence is in green, This is because the topic sentence is like saying start the paragraph.
  • The main ideas are in yellow, this means slow down and give information.
  • Make sure your details are in red, this sort of means your ending the paragraph with your final facts and adding on to the main ideas.
  • Conclusion sentence end the details and give a good ending sentence.


  • When you are presenting something make sure to speak in a good strong voice that makes the reader want to hear more.
  • Instead of telling them stuff that sounds boring, tell them through emotions in an exciting voice.

Word Choice

  • Use specific nouns and verbs.
  • Remember to use exciting adjectives and adverbs.
  • If you're confused because you don't know what a word means you can always look it up in a thesaurus.

Sentence Fluency

  • If you have a lot of short choppy sentences combine them with other short ones to make them into longer smoother sentences.
  • Always make sure to use a variety of sentence starters.
  • You should use simple, compound, and complete sentences in your writing.


  • Remember to use your evaluation sheet to revise.
  • Edit using COPS!

Writing Process


When you are brainstorming you should think of stuff you like to do. That should help you come up with an idea of what to write about.


In Prewriting you should write down ideas you have or facts.


Your rough draft should have a topic sentence, your main ideas, details, and a concluding sentence.


In evaluating you should in prove your rough draft. You should also try to come up with better explaining words. Here are some examples of better explaining words, successful, terrific, wonderful.


In revising you are checking for missed punctuation, capitals, commas, and more.


Editing is where you fix the problems you found in your revising. Like if you missed some capitals you would add them in.


The last one is publishing. Publishing is very important because you get to share with your friends!!! Remember to speak clear and loud!!!
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Write Tools


When you are doing a T-Table you want to label your topic sentence green. You want to label your main ideas yellow. The details should be red, and the concluding sentence should be green.

Core 4 topic sentences

You should have four topic sentences. The first one is called a simple statement. A simple statement is basically just a sentence with a period. The next is a number statement. A number statement is just a sentence with a number in it. Next is a Question. A question sentence is just a sentence asking the reader a question. Last is a Situation Stance. A Situation Stance broadly introduces the topic and gives an opionion of it.


Your transition words are the words that lead you to the next paragraph


A detail sentence gives details on the main topic.

Conclusion Sentences

A concluding sentence is a sentence that ties the whole paragraph together.

Writing Process