Sojourner Truth

A woman who fought for african american rights

Sojourner's parent's names

Sojourner's parents were Betsey and James Hardenburgh. They belonged to Colonel Johannes Hardenburgh, that is where they got the family name.
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The Year and Date Sojourner Was Born

Sojourner was born on July 4,1797 in Hurley, New York.Nobody knows what hospital because slave's birthdays were not important.

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How Sojourner Became Famous and Facts About Her

How Sojourner Became Famous and Facts about Her

Sojourner found out her son was still a slave and she wanted to free him, so she sued his owner and won the lawsuit, that is what she became famous for. Sojourner's real name was Isabelle, but when she grew up she renamed herself Sojourner Truth, the reason she made her first name Sojourner is because she was going to sojourn south to different places and preach, and the reason she wanted to name herself truth was because she felt that God was her master and he told the truth so her last name became Truth.