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In a line along the pier

Parker asked, thinking it distinctly unlikely. Not at this time of the evening, Maclean assured him. Mid-week, people usually go to bed double early. And believe me, they need to after the kind of imobiliare bucuresti work these people put into the average day. The engine spluttered into life and the van jogged off along the road. Suddenly, the moon appeared through a gap in the cloud cover, spilling a pale wintry glow over the stark, undulating wilderness. At the roadside were a couple of abandoned crofts and ruined byres — silent witness to a vanished population. Beyond them, rising into the night, heather-covered hills around which were spread bleak shaggy moors.

Occasionally a light would show, a mere pin prick in the imobiliare bucuresti darkness, and it would serve as a chilling reminder of their isolation. The road was rutted and sinuous and only a short step up from being a cart track. It took them all of ten minutes to get to the island's capital, which was nothing more than a cluster of small two-storey grey houses strung out along either side of the poorly surfaced road.

This one street alone, according to Maclean, constituted the entire village. There was a grocer's, a post-office, a church. Out of imobiliare bucuresti about twenty houses only eight were showing light. The street was completely deserted, and the silence, when they stopped briefly to look around, was almost palpable. An air of peace and permanence hung over the place like a heavy blanket.

All the houses were matchbox size, rather quaint, and there was no escaping the fact that the place possessed a charm all its own. The van crept slowly along the road and turned left on its squeaky axle on to imobiliare bucuresti a narrow earth road between two houses. This took them down to the harbour where three small fishing vessels bounced at their moorings and a few rowing boats were drawn up on a small shingle beach. They should be easy enough to disable, Stewart said. They run on diesels and I've worked on those often enough. Hodge said, You told us there were only three boats, Mac. I can see at least six. We've only got to concern ourselves with the fishing boats, Maclean said.

The other boats are only for use around the island. They wouldn't attempt imobiliare bucuresti to cross to the mainland in one of those. As the van journeyed on to the concrete pier the four of them studied the shadows in silence. Although Maclean was not surprised to find the place entirely devoid of life, the others were. It was as if they were the only people on the island, cut off from the rest of civilisation.
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