Who started it all

Robert Cade was the creator of Gatorade. He was a professor of medicine at the University of Florida . He was also the doctor of the college foot ball team. One year the team was doing really bad that year he treated 25 players for dehydration and heatstroke. Soon after Dwayne Douglas (assistant coach for thee freshman team ) came to Cade about the fact that his player didn't have to go to the bathroom after games and they wanted to know why. This turned in to an important question. Cade knew the players lost a lot of water when they sweat so they didn't have enough water left to make urine. So Cade took blood , sweat,and urine samples. The samples showed that a player can loose 18 lbs during a game surprisingly most of it was water. Player could loose up to 25% body salt during practice. That is very harmful to the human body . Cades first prototype consisted of water ,salt , sugar and phosphate. Cade threw up the first time he drank it.

How it was named

At first doctors called it Cade's Cola then Dr.Free suggested the name Gatorade after the football team every one liked it and the name stuck

Why it was created

It was created to keep athletes hydrated and energized during games and to help there bodies create urine .

What has changed

Many things have changed since Gatorade first started like the popularity. The popularity has changed so much now many famous athletes like LeBron James , Alex Morgan , and many other athletes drink this to keep them hydrated during the game .

How it changed in society and every day life

It changed everyday life by making more choices for what you want to drink. Like now my mom will ask do you want water or Gatorade before soccer games. It has also changed society by having famous athletes advertise it and making sports drinks more popular.
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