Karina Allen

The Dog and the Mouse

Once there was a mouse that lived in a hole and a dog that lived in a house. The mouse was searching for food when the residents that lived there found him. They threw him out. The dog went outside to play and he saw the mouse. When the dog went back inside to sleep, the mouse begged him that he let him in. the dog, feeling bad for him, let him inside the house. A week later, the dog was thrown outside for the week because he had broken something. When the dog got hungry, the mouse gave him food. But the people that lived there went on a vacation. The dog was cold outside. The mouse felt bad for him and remembered the time the dog let him inside, the mouse showed the dog where he could get back in side. The dog dug his way inside and they feasted on the food in the house and became great friends.


What goes around, comes around