All Kinds Of People

By: Charley leftwich

African Americans

Long ago, Africans were kidnapped and were sold in to slavery. Along the Passage Africans were put on ships,chained to walls, and given little food and water. On their trip across the Middle Passage many got sick and died. At the colony, Africans worked and lived on Southern Plantations. Many Africans were often mistreated by their owners.

Artisans and Indentured Servants

Years ago there were Indentured Servants and Artisans(Indentured Servant work 4 to 7 years without pay)(Artisans were skilled craft workers) they could not learn the skills they needed in school so they became Apprentices. They worked for about 7 years, But the Indentured Servants worked 7 years without pay. The boys became artisans at 14. But the girls could not be Apprentices.The apprentices worked for master Craft workers.


Farmers in the colonies owned large plantations(called Landholders). They raised Grain, Vegetables,Fruits, and other crops. They raised children, animals, and planted crops. Few farmers could buy slaves or have indentured servants with the money they had.

Large Landholders

Large landholders usually live on plantations. They lived in big houses and had the best of everything . While dancing they would wear elegant clothes. They set up their own schools and hired teachers from Europe. Girls went to school only until the age of 12 or 13. Parents wanted their daughters to learn how to sew and read. Landholders had to have slaves or indentured servants to work on their plantation.


Women back then could get married at age 14. Men and boys could work outside the home but girl could not. Girls could not vote or go to school. Family were usually very large. The woman cared for the children. They worked at home by doing chores such as sewing, spun yarn,and knitting clothes. They also canned food in jars and churned milk into butter and cheese.

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