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December 1, 2017

Laugh . . . Think . . . Cry

I watch way more sports and sports related programming on television than I ever imagined. Between my husband and our 3 boys, one or more of our televisions is usually tuned into something to do with sports. The other night they were flipping and stopped on a broadcast of Jim Valvano's famous speech at the ESPY's. I've seen it before, probably several times, and I have been moved each time; but the other night his words really hit home. Jimmy lays forth a challenge to each of us to do 3 things each day - laugh, think, and cry. One of my boys turned to me and said, "mom that's like you everyday!" We all laughed, because it's pretty much true, but as I thought about it over the next several days, I thought about just how true it really is and how much these 3 simple things affect my life.

Jimmy goes on to say that spending time in laughter with friends, time alone in thought, and letting our emotions move us to tears, makes a full day. I know that at the end of a day, when I have experienced joy through laughter, spent time alone thinking and reflecting, and been moved to tears by emotions either happy or sad, I feel complete.

In the weeks ahead, during this beautiful season, I challenge you to laugh, think, and let your emotions move you to tears daily. And if your days - at home, at work, at play - aren't bringing you these things, search them out! Laughter come from joy. Find something that makes you joyful! Time in thought helps us to learn and grow. Make the time! Powerful thoughts and experiences can move us to tears, but so can reflection of the many blessings we have in our lives. Take time to reflect!

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When I take time to think and reflect on my time at CN Jr/Sr HS

and all of the great people I get to share my work with,

I am moved by emotion and filled with laughter and joy!

There is no place else I would rather be!

Thank you for supporting our adopted families this Christmas and picking up tags this week to purchase gifts! Please have gifts purchased, wrapped, labeled, and returned by 12/10. All of the tags were gone by mid-day today, so celebrate our coming togetherness with jeans days the rest of December!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

We will kick off

TheTwelve Days of Christmas,

our staff celebration of the season,

on Monday with a special treat during morning collaboration!

(Hint Below)

Look for something special each day throughout the month.

We look forward to sharing this with all of you!

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Upcoming Events

12/4 - Cross Curricular Collaboration

12/6 - Fine Arts Winter Concert

12/21 - Staff Holiday Party

Click on the link below for this week's athletic events:

Grateful November Challenge

I finished out the month of November and shared it with you on Canvas. I hope if you took part in the challenge, it made a positive impact on you too!