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New Tech Tools to Try!!

Bitmoji in the Classroom

Have you been eyeing my Potty PDs and thinking, "How can I harness the power of Bitmojis in my classroom?" Well, I'm here to help you with that! Click on the link below for tons of ideas on how to bring extra humor and fun into class.

Check out THIS blog!
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Fake Text Messages

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, right? But, students love this!

Think of all the literary characters and historical figures you could show conversations between! This is a great way for students to retell or summarize information in their own words AND it's a great, quick project to show mastery of content.

I created the one above about George Washington crossing the Delaware in about 5 minutes with THIS website. Then I took a screenshot and saved the image. Super easy!

I'd love to help your class create these. Schedule an appointment with me so we can get started!

iReady Updates

  • Standards Mastery data available in real-time on the Teacher Dashboard
  • 26 New Tools for Instruction in Vocabulary. Will be embedded into student and grouping reports, and also available on Help tab
  • New Student Game (BeGooped) on Student Dashboard Rewards
  • Predicted Proficiency Student-Level Data: We now have the ability to toggle on predicted proficiency data for individual students. Specifically, a new field would appear in the Diagnostic Results CLASS Report that shows the probability of proficiency on TNReady.

General Webinar

Additionally, I wanted to extend a personal invitation to you and to your teachers to join our team for a webinar on Wednesday, March 6 from 2 to 3pm CST. We’ll be hosting a special conversation with the i-Ready team that developed i-Ready’s new online lessons in Reading and Math. Anyone interested can register here ( )for an inside look at our lesson design principles and how they maximize student engagement!

Online PD? Yes, please!


3/5 - ESL

3/12 - Test Prep Strategy & Tools

PD in your PJs!

Don't know what a Twitter Chat is... No Problem.

Watch This Video to See How It Works and How to Earn PD Credit

Available March PDs

For a list of this month's available PDs, click HERE!

This Month's Featured Teacher

Special Thanks Go To...

Mrs. Heard

Mrs. Heard's class was learning about perimeter, so naturally she thought about robots! lol

Her class was given task cards to create shapes with specific perimeter measurements. Then, they taped the shapes on the floor. Finally, they coded Dash to move around the perimeter of the shape ensuring their measurement was accurate!

Do you want to have some educational "play" time with robots? Contact me and let's get started!

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