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Friendly Office Reminders

Parents are now welcomed to come inside the building to SIGN IN and OUT your student! If your student is arriving late or leaving early due to an appointment, please come inside and sign in/out your student in the office.

If your student is ABSENT please email or call the office with the absence. If your student is leaving early for an APPOINTMENT you may email your teacher and you do not need to call the office. It helps to email your teacher so your child can be prepared when it's time to go. The office will call your student down to the office once you have arrived to pick up your student.

Thank you!

Tammi Jones, Lead Secretary: tmjones@usd232.org

Liz Houghton, Bldg. Secretary: ehoughton@usd232.org

Picture Day is TOMORROW-->Wednesday, September 8

Ordering information:

If you wish to prepay prior to picture day the web address below should ONLY be used for pictures taken on the date above. Online ordering is available before and after picture day. Shipping and handling charges may apply to orders placed after picture day.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding picture day or the ordering process please visit our information page https://interstatesupport.zendesk.com/ if you cannot find your answers here please feel free to contact our local office at 816-600-2454.



Additional Information:

Retake Picture Day: November 1st, 2021

If an original picture package was ordered and your student needs a retake please have your student bring the original picture package back to the photographer on retake day for a replacement. If your student was enrolled after original picture day or was absent on original picture day please ensure they have their picture taken on retake day.

Picture Day Link

Order Code is 61959YF

Make Plans Now for Late Start Days coming up!

The Board of Education approved three (3) delayed start days for the 2021-22 school year. The first delayed start date is Wednesday, September 22. Students will begin school two (2) hours later than normal. Students will need to be at school for their first class at 10:45 a.m.

Students who ride the bus will simply add two hours to their normal pick up time. For example, if the normal pick-up time is 8:05 a.m., the pick-up time on September 22 would be 10:05 a.m.

Teachers and support staff will report for duty at their normal time on September 22. Schools will utilize time with staff for needed training and professional development. The other two dates for delayed starts will be November 10 and April 6.

Veterans Day

Know of someone currently serving in the military? Would they like to be interviewed for our Veterans Day Celebration? For more information, please contact Shelly Souders at ssouders@usd232.org

Mark your calendar


9/22: Late Start school begins at 10:45am

9/29: Half Day Dismissal at 12:10pm

9/29: Parent Teacher Conferences | 4:45-8:15pm

9/30: Parent Teacher Conferences | 9:00-8:00pm


10/1: No School | Offices Closed

10/15: No School | Teacher Professional Day

10/18: No School | Teacher Professional Day

10/22: HAWK WALK

Navigating COVID at School

Good news!! We can now test symptomatic students who are onsite in our district buildings! Parental consent must be obtained in writing prior to testing. Tests go through MAWD laboratories and can take 24-72 hours for results to be received. Parents receive these results via email, your school nurses DO NOT receive results.

If your child needs to be excluded from school due to symptoms of COVID your options are:

1) Have your child tested for COVID with a PCR or Molecular test (Antigen tests are not accepted!!) We can do this at the school if they become symptomatic while at school (see above). Otherwise they will need to be tested outside of school.

2) Have a doctor diagnosis your child with something other than COVID and provide a doctor’s note (see below for what constitutes a properly written doctor’s note).

3) Opt your child out of school for 10-days, if you don’t want to test them for COVID or see a doctor.

Returning to school procedure: Mize Nurses HAVE to review your child’s test results before they are allowed back in school!! We do not automatically receive the MAWD results. You need to give them to us.

· JOCO Schools only accept COVID PCR and Molecular tests.

o Please verify prior to your child being tested that it is only done with a PCR or Molecular test.

· All Test results sent to us MUST contain original lab results, the students name and date of birth, and test type (PCR or Molecular).

· We DO NOT accept a doctor’s note stating a COVID PCR or molecular test was negative.

o Only the original lab report is accepted per the JOCO Health department.

· E-mail results to MizeRN@usd232.org or fax them to 913.441.9452.

Return to School Date for Students Quarantined or with a Positive COVID test:

· The JOCO Health department and/or DeSoto District Health Department Liaison will tell you your child’s return to school date.

· Mize Nurses can’t allow your child to return to school till that date has been communicated directly to us by the District Liaison or the JOCO Health department.

o Please consult with us prior to dropping your child off at school on their first eligible return date. If we haven’t confirmed with you their return to school date your student cannot attend class, if they arrive at school they will be pulled form class and sent home for the day.

Doctors Notes: How to obtain a properly written return to school note! This seems like an easy thing, but we call physician’s offices daily requesting a properly written note. We can’t let your child back into the building if the return to school note does not contain the proper information.

Properly written Doctor’s note (as accepted by JOCO Health department and District):

All doctor’s notes must have a diagnosis stated, be signed by the doctor, and have the student’s name and DOB.

· Ex: Susie Smith was seen in our office today for a sore throat and runny nose, and diagnosed with strep throat. Student may return to school when fever free and on antibiotics for 24-hrs.

An Improperly Written Doctors Note:

· Susie Smith was seen in our office today for a sore throat, may return to school when fever free.

o This will be rejected because there is no diagnosis.

· Student was seen in our office today for a sore throat, COVID PCR test was negative.

o This will be rejected because there is no diagnosis given.

o This will be rejected because a copy of the actual lab results were not provided.

DO NOT send your child to school unless Nurse Christina, Nurse Brandi or Nurse Erica have reviewed lab results and/or the doctor’s return to school note!!

o If we don’t have COVID PCR test results or a properly written doctor’s note in hand before your child comes to school, your child will be pulled from class and sent home until the proper documentation is received. This is a stressful situation for you and your child. We don’t like having to pull a healthy student from class.

COVID Symptoms: Students are sent home or excluded from school if they have one primary or two secondary symptoms of COVID.

Primary Symptoms

· New Cough

· Difficulty Breathing

· Loss of Taste/Smell

· Fever or chills (staff & Jr/Sr. High students)

Secondary Symptoms

· Fatigue

· Congestion

· Runny Nose

· Nausea

· Vomiting

· Diarrhea

· Fever or Chills

· Sore Throat

· Headache

· Muscle Ache or Body Aches

HELP!! Mize Lunch Aide Needed

SPREAD THE WORD!! We are in need of a lunch aide to assist our staff and Mizehawks everyday from 10:45-1:30pm. Our Mizehawks are the best and to be surrounded by them each day can bring a smile to anyone!! If this is something you are interested in or know of someone who is, please contact our Mize office at 913-441.0880.

Lunch Visitors

At this time there will be NO visitors allowed at lunch. This will allow us for proper spacing and safety throughout the cafeteria. Thank you for your understanding at this time.
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