Big Bend National Parks

Leticia Roman / Siarrah

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The Big Bend has been a home to people for many centuries, but knowledge of the Rio Grande among non-Indians dates back less than 150 years. Spanish people crossed the Rio Grande in the 16th and 17th centuries searching for gold, silver, and fertile land. Comanche Indians crossed the river in the 19th century, traveling to and from Mexico with their raiding parties.

Since about 9000 B.C. the climate has gradually become warmer and drier, and there has been a gradual influx of heat and drought adapted plants.

Big Bend National Park is a lesser known national park with unparalleled cultural, paleontological and geological values. The biodiversity in Big Bend is surprisingly varied mostly due to the climate contrasts of the river canyons, desert floor and high mountain terrain.

Important Landmarks

  1. Castolon Historic District -The west side of the park offers stunning desert views and opportunities to explore the history of the region
  2. Persimmon Gap- As the northern gateway to the park, many visitors pass by Persimmon Gap as they enter Big Bend.
  3. Rio Grande Village -Rio Grande Village is the center of visitor activity during the winter months. Great scenery, warm temperatures, abundant wildlife, and full visitor services make this a must-see location for any Big Bend outing.
  4. Chisos Basin
    Ringed by massive cliffs and superlative views, the Chisos Basin is Big Bend's year-round focal point.


Day 1

  • Chisos mountains Lodges in the morning around 4:40 am , Get the key and unpack.
  • We go in Terlingua right at 6am we get to order eat a good breakfast meal to start our day.
  • at 10am We have a guiding ranger to show us where our first activity is going to be RIVER RAFTING through a canyon on the Rio Grande .
  • After an 12;00 in a half of rafting we pack our stuff and Began to hike up the South Rim trail with our ranger.
  • we stop at the top the mountain to get a break and eat our packed lunch .after we finishes lunch , we continue to hike up the mountain.
  • Relax and soak in the beautiful view of the Southern view.
  • At 2pm We decided to head out long down the hill & go back to the hotel and get us all clean up and take a nap.
  • wake up at 6 get dress and find a rest aunt near by.
  • eat dinner , come back to the hotel and watch movie till we fall asleep .

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Travel Intierary /Chisos mountains Lodges

Chisos mountains Lodges $140.00

Entry Fees For Park Entry: Vehicles $25 12$ Person

Children 15 & younger get in for free

Camping: 14$ per a night $7

Terlingua Food : 45.00$