Jack Black


Personal Life

He had a wife named Tanya Haden with two kids named Samuel and Thomas Black. He is was born on August 28,1969 at Santa Monica.His parents were Thomas Black and Judith Black.

How he started

When he was in High School he was in a actor gang. Then he was able to get in to a movie called Bob Roberts.I believe he got lucky when he was in a movie and when he did a great job, the film crew liked him and his career took off.

His Career

Jack Black a positive effect on society. He would always make people happy and laugh.He was a musician and actor when he was young.he will will leave a happy and good legacy.he is a happy and funny joker.

My thoughts on him

I chose Jack black because he is a funny guy and I have liked all of his movies.Jack just have a special way of making of people laugh. I learned that he was a musician and in so many movies.

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