By Sydney Camisa


Malaysia is located in southeast Asia. In Malaysia, there are many rain forests. The weather there is usually humid, but at night it is a little cold.
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In Malaysia, they practice Muslim, Hindu, christian and Buddhist. But, they are allowed to practice what they want
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Malysia has many achievements:
  • Malaysia has many achievements some are:

  • The Medical travel destination of 2015

  • The 10th most visited country

  • Best place to have your honeymoon

  • And the fourth best country to shop
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The president is Najib Razik. The government is a federal representative democratic constitutional monarchy.
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In Malaysia the economy is mostly open. They are very important to manufacturing in east Asia. Alsio, there money is ringgit
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Style of Living

In Malaysia they speak Banasa. Popular sports are football, bowling, and squash. They wear mostly Indian clothes