Getting Ready for the Holiday Break

Keep an eye on those precious smiles!

More seasonal windows from our young artists

We had a few more of our budding painters demonstrate their joy of art. These windows are in the front of our business and district offices. I am very proud of our kids.

Yearbook cover winner

Karly Turinske drew this terrific picture and it will be featured on one of the covers of our 15-16 school yearbook. Karly said it took her "about a day" to finish her picture. Thanks for taking the time to do your best Karly!
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What is all this Cat in the Hat business going on?

The children have been challenged to read 20 minutes a night, or more and to record their minutes on a striped hat. They can then bring in the hat, when all the stripes are filled, and we will post them to make a chain that will reach all around the inside of our school. Please see below for our terrific start!

The amazing giving continues at Merton Primary School!

Below are pictures of the generosity of our families during the food and gift drive organized by Darlene Hafferman. We truly thank you who have brought in the items for families in our immediate area to enjoy the season a bit more.

Baby, it's cold outside!

Well, it seems that winter has returned, and with it comes the reminder about proper attire for outdoor recess. We do go outside every day before lunch and the AM and PM recesses, so a coat, hat, mittens, snowpants etc will make the time outside more fun. We stay inside only if the temperature drops below zero degrees or the windchill is at 0. If you are in need of any assistance with winter wear, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Mike Budisch

Reading over weekends and the holiday break is a great way to enjoy a quiet afternoon instead of video games or old movies. It doesn't have to be a long time, just quality time reading, where the kids can be undisturbed doing what they have learned to do at school.