By: Icil Gittings

The Element

1. The element is Gold

2. Gold recived it's name from the word geolo meaning yellow.

3. Golds family group is 11

4. The period group is 6

General information about gold

1. Golds symbol name on the periodic table is AU.

2. The atmoic mass is 196.97.

3. The atomic number is 79 on the peridic table.

4. It has 79 protons and electrons.

5. Gold has 118 neutrons.

6. There is 1 valence electron

7. Gold is known for have 36 diffrent types of isotopes

Physical Properties

1. Golds melting point is 1,940 degrees F

2. The boiling point is 5,378 degrees F

3. The desity is 19.32 g/cm3

4 amount on gold on earths crust is 3.1*10-7%

5.It's standard state is solid.


1. Gold can be found in rivers and undergroud.

2. Gold is found pure.

3. In our daily lives gold can be found in jewlery, screen printing, and in gold bars.

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Interesting Facts!!!

Interesting facts I learned is gold currently cost less than platinum right now, also anotherfun fact I learned is gold is actally a good metal to use for electronics because of its interness and it's physical properties.

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