Star Seraph Spectrum

Life of a Spectrum

Spectroscopy is the analysis of light spectra and the way in which light interacts with matter. Certain spectra represent certain elements that is represented as wave energy. By using a spectroscope astronomers can see colors that are absorbed above the wave length. There are three different types of spectra. For example, there is continuous, emission line, and absorption line. Continuous is characterized by a wide and smooth band of colors like a rainbow. Emission is when the background of the spectroscope is black and there are skinny lines of colors. Absorption is when the background are colors and the lines are black. Each element has their own different pattern on the spectroscope. Different element equals different pattern. Astronomers can look at a star through the spectroscope and analyze the colors that appear above the wave length. This can show numerous of elements within a star.

West Orange High School Earth Science

We are two high school students that are eager to learn more about astronomy. The study of outer space is very interesting to us. We will continue our studies on astronomy and look forward to learning more!