By Joey Mulcare

Problem & Solution

Homer P Figg problem was that his uncle Squint was always trying to hurt Homer and Harold, Homer's older brother. So Homer and Harold tried to run away but uncle squint caught them. So then Squint sold Harold into the army and now Homer is on his own, and his brother is fighting for his life. So then Homer got Uncle Squints horse and went off to find his brother. Eventually Homer saw his brother and he had to shoot him in the leg to get his attention. So in the end Homer and Harold found a different family.

Compare & Contrast

In Carry On the video the tall guy is blind and the small guy got his legs cut off so he is disabled. So in the video they are both smart and use both of there bodys, and basically make one. They do this by having the tall guy stand and the small guy on his shoulders. Then they go off to college and the tall guy goes to Phoenix and the small guy goes to Colorado for school. And in the end the tall guy goes to the Olympics and the small guy becomes a video game creator.


Sylvester Stallone got so famous from Rock I ,II, III, IV, and V. When Sylvester was younger he loved to write, paint, and draw. He had a girlfriend at the time and right around now it all went down hill. Sylvester's girlfriend was the one who paid for the apartment because she had a job and he didn’t. So then one day him and his girlfriend broke up, and Sylvester didn’t have a house so he sold his dog for like $30 to get money and then eventually he was writing and he made a movie and that movie was called “Rocky”, and Sylvester Stallone was the main character. Sylvester didn’t know at the time that this movie would make over 50 Million dollars. So in the end Sylvester made lots of money and got his dog back!!!


Jackie Robinson is the guy who changed baseball. Jackie was the first black African American to play in the professional baseball league. Many say Jackie is strong in the mind and had great perseverance. Why? Because almost about every game some fan would call Jackie some mean name just because of the color of his skin. Without Jackie Robinson baseball wouldn’t be the same today.