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Menu (Descriptions Below)

1.Roullette Burger

2.Communist Shake

3.Espionage Salad

4. Backwards "R" Stroganof

5. Nuclear Fries

6. Spy Pie

7. Hard Drinks

8. Generally Content Meal

9. Mc (Soldier's) Rib

10. Communist Party Pack

Our Awesome Menu

Communist Party Pack!!!

This pack is only exclusively for birthdays, this pack includes all the food listed above at the very expensive amount of 9309.45 rubles($300).

Note: The money from purchasing this pack goes to the government to use for personal use not for the good of the country.

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Dress Code

The workers will wear traditional Shapkas and long robes made of moose or bear hairs. Females and men must also keep there hair short.

Building Design

The Building will have heaters everywhere when winter comes, it will be stylish to attract customers and it will have WiFi for business people seeking to use it. We will minimize the amount of windows so that cold air doesn't come in.

Globalization and Cultural relations

Russia has had a long history of war and communism. Most of the food has only one size, this symbolizes the communist beliefs, that everyone should be the same. The building is also designed to keep maximum heat because of the terribly cold winters. The employees wear the most traditional clothes to symbolize Russian heritage and culture. As time goes by the culture from one country to another spreads, for example McDonald is an American business that globalized to a place like Russia which is a country that doesn't have the greatest relationship with the United States. Burgers, fries and milk shakes were all not from Russia without globalization Russians probably still be dressing like they did 300 years ago.

By Richmond, Reyaan, Annkit, Mitchell