Looking at My Life

Amber Kotecki

Who am I?

  • Birth Place: Nevada City, California
  • Places Lived: California, Wisconsin, Illinois
  • Family Members:
Mike Kotecki (father)

Sherry Kotecki (mother)

Brandon Kotecki (brother)

  • Involvements:

Football Manager

Soccer Player

Volunteer at Church

Mentor to CCD students

  • Age: 18

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My Values

There are a lot of things that I value in life such as: activeness, awareness, care/compassion, confidence, endurance, energy, faith, family, friendship, happiness, integrity, joy, modesty, open mindedness, self respect, maturity, and trust. All of these play into my life in one way or another. Being active and aware helps me to endure the problems that life my throw at me. Among those things that life may throw at me would be annoying people and dishonest people. There is nothing that I hate more than when someone is being dishonest with me and I know that they are lying. Who actually thinks that it is okay to lie to someone's face, especially if that person trusts them? Be mature and be honest and truthful with that person...do not lie. Having been raised in a Catholic family, I have taken to the christian values for life. My family means everything to me, and I know that they will always be supportive of me and keep an open mind when I want to try something new. I know that if I choose something wrong, then they will be there to help me recover form my failures and lead me on the right path. But having been taught to have integrity, be modest, be truthful, and be positive, I don't think that choosing the worst possible path will be a problem.

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Future Accomplishments

In the future, I hope to be an Athletic Trainer. I would love to then continue onto becoming a Physical Therapist. After going to physical therapy for a few years, I realized that I want to give back to the community in the way that my therapists have. They helped me get back to a starting ground so that I could get back to playing soccer. The way they went about helping me was so kind and they actually cared if I was making any progress strength wise, and helped me realize that there was more that I could do after having gone to therapy than I was able to do before. I also hope to have a family in the future, after traveling around the world though. With kids in the picture, I think that it would be hard to go sight seeing and do what I want to do while abroad. After traveling around and meeting new people and being exposed to new cultures, I would then like to have kids. For my kids, I would love for them to get involved in the community and take up sports, dancing, or anything that they see as exciting and amusing.


I would love to have a hallway in my house dedicated to pictures of the past! I want to have photos from journeys that I went on, people that I have meet, crazy activities that I took part in, my family, sporting events, and just everything. I love taking pictures, so documenting anything that will come my way will not be an issue. If possible, I would love to have a room dedicated to memories and events that I found to be exciting. From children's sporting events to fancy dinners with family and friends, I want to remember everything. Other than the physical memories documented on paper, I would also like to remember the small things that you can't take a picture of. Things like the feelings received when I help someone out, and seeing the joy and or relief on their faces...or the excitement of watching my child walk for the first time to their first words...or falling in love for the first time, or over and over again when I see my husband walk into the room and making me remember why I fell in love with him the first time...the small things that are actually big things to me, things that words or pictures can't describe, I want all of that to be carried along with me for as long as I live.


The choices I made in the past and the help that I have gotten from friends and family have helped me to make the decisions that I want for my future. For instance, my PT's helped me realize how much I love helping people. Also, my family taught me a set of values that I now look for in other people! My friends have helped me to learn to live a little and not be so uptight about things or not be too literal about things...just live life! By being open to new things, I have been able to expand on my values and narrow down what I want for myself in the future.