Diary Of A Part Time Indian

Imran Iqbal

Story Elements

Diary of apart time Indian takes in spokane Indian reservation during the present. The main conflict in the story is Arnold moves out of the reservation and goes to a public high school in the next town called Rearden high school, and that offended his people from the reservation.

Character Analysis

The main character is Arnold Spirit. three words to describe the main character are kind, forgiving and strong. the character is motivated by his friends from reardan high school, his teacher from the reservation he pushed him forward to leave the reservation and join the public high next town and his parents for supporting him to go the public school. i like the character because Arnold was strong even though he went through a lot and also played basketball too. The relationship between Arnold and Rowdy is weird because rowdy protects arnold from physical abuse but whenever arnold touches him or does something that rowdy doesn't like, he beats him up.


The theme of the novel is even though you are disabled mentally and physicaly you can still survive and live a normal life. sometimes if you have attention too. one example that suports the theme is arnold dated the schools prettiest while girl in school. another example is arnold made friends in school when he started to date penelope. a third example from the book is that arnold played varsity basketball in high school. A final example that supports theme is arnold left the resevation school and joined the reardan high school.

Additional information on the character

Arnold Spirit was born with cerebrospinal fluid on his brain. He had many physical problems like over sized head, skinny, a weird poor eye sight one eye was far sighted and the other was near sighted and he had weird glasses for that kind of eye sight, he also had lips and stutter in his speech, and frequent seizures. Arnold was usually bullied and given nicknames


The novel The Absolutely true diary of a part time Indian has a connection with the author, this novel relates his childhood and how he got out of the reservation. another connection is i saw a TV show about the "Reservation life of Native Americans" i can relate the character's life to the show.
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