Science Fair: Mentos and Pop

Which one will react the best?

The pops

~Mountain dew



The mentos

~ Hot Red

~ Mint



I think that the red hot mentos will explode the most in the coke! :)

First Step~

~You will need to get all of the pops that you want to see explode. The pops that I chose are up above.

Second Step~

~ Find the type of mentos you want to see react to the pop. The mentos that I chose are up above.

Third Step~

~Once you have got your pop and mentos you will need someone to take pictures if you can't.

Fourth step~

~Now that you have find out what mentos are going to explode in what pop.

Fifth step~

I decided to do mountain dew and fruit mentos,pepsi and mint mentos, coke and cinnamon. You will need at least 2 mentos.

Sixth Step~

Then all you have to do is put them in there and it will explode.


My hypothesis was wrong the pepsi was the highest one to explode.The one that went the smallest was the mountain dew. So then that leaves the coke that was right in the middle of all the numbers.

By: Hope Swanson