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Week of June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day!

As we honor our fathers on this Father's Day, let us also remember and honor God, our Father, who created each and everyone of us to know Him, serve Him, love Him and be happy with Him in Heaven.

Jesus taught us to pray the Our Father Prayer, inviting us to an intimate relationship with God who wants us to call Him Father. What a great and wonderful privilege this is!

This weekend, let's celebrate our fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and especially God our Heavenly Father, for their endless love and support!

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Mass Readings for June 21: 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this weekend's Mass, the theme of fear, particularly overcoming fear through faith in our Lord, is addressed throughout the readings.

In Matthew's Gospel 10: 26-33, the phrase, “Do not fear,” is stated 3 times. With these words, Jesus encouraged the disciples and addressed the fears that could make them abandon their mission. Jesus assured them that their persecutors could destroy the body, but never the soul. The coming of the Reign of God was inevitable and fear must not prevent the disciples from proclaiming it.

Today’s reading offers 3 significant messages:

  • Fear cannot prevent us from proclaiming the gospel and its demands.
  • Jesus promises that we will never be alone in our efforts to do what is right.
  • The final judgment before God will be based on the disciples’ faithfulness to Jesus during the controversies that are part of their mission.

Together with your children, read this weekend's Mass Readings. Although it may be difficult for children to understand the true meaning of the Gospel, kids can relate to being afraid of different things. Use this idea to explain the words of Matthew and how Jesus and God helps us to overcome our fears.

After this discussion and reading, encourage your children to draw 2 images that comes to their minds from this Gospel Reading. Then watch the video below of children and their own reflection drawings...and the adorable outtakes at the end!

Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, June 21

Translated in English and Spanish

Gospel Reading and Reflection For Kids - Matthew 10:26-30 - June 25, 2017

Celebrating our Fathers

Kids: What makes you thankful for your father?

Fathers: What makes you thankful for you children?

Our lists can go on forever! Take a few moments to write a list, draw a picture, or write a letter to your father/child. Start with, "I am thankful for my (Dad/child) because..." You can use the video below to view different ideas. Then, share your writing!

On Father's Day, enjoy time with your family! These are the experiences your children will treasure. With your children, click on the link below for fun Father's Day activity crafts you can do together that focus on the importance of Dads, and their importance in our church!

Why We Love Dad | Igniter Media | Father's Day Church Video

Uplift Video of the Week!

Congratulations Graduates!

Another school year has ended! Although this ending may not seem like previous years, we continue to recognize our children for their hard work and accomplishments. Whether your child is graduating preschool, moving up to middle school, or graduating high school or college, congratulations to all your graduates!

Here is a song written specifically to this Class of 2020, and for all they have endured throughout the past few months.

"To The Class Of 2020" by Ryan Stockham Graduation Dedication Song

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