Claudius Ptolemy

Pre 1900

Ptolemy was a Greek astronomer, geographer and astrologist who live between 85-165 AD.


Geocentric Theory
This theory states that the Earth was the centre of the universe and all other heavealy bodies circled it. This belief was held for 1400 yrs until Copernicus published his works that the sun was the centre on our universe and the planets circled it.

Ptolemy was the first person to use latitude/longitude lines to identify places on the face of the Earth.

Contributions and technologies used

Ptolemy calculated the distances of objects orbiting the Earth to give an understanding of the size and shape of the universe. He also discovered mathematical equations so that other astronomers could predict the positions of planets.

Ptolemy published works into a book called the Almagest about movements of stars and planets that showed known star constellations. The book was such an important text it was still used 1000 yrs later as a definitive guide to the universe until it was proved false due to advances in scientific technology.

He also wrote another book called Handy Tables which contained positions of planets and stars at certain times. These tables were used to make predictions and horoscopes.