Life of Dior Thompson

a fictional story not real story

chapter 1

Help! being chased by zombie kids.But if you want to know how I got here look at chapter 2

chapter 2

okay now i was at school with my friends Lily, keiohna,Liam, Kynan and Alexis then our teacher MRS googaly eyes said its time for art as always. In art I painted a picture of my cat, Lily painted a self potret, Liam painted his little brother and so on.

chapter 3

I notaes a black thing in every bodys ear exept Liam and I. Just at that moment we both got knocked out and found us in a mexican jail. Dior: where are we. Liam: i belive we are in a mexican jail.:) Dior: i dont understand but why. Liam:i think its because that black thing in every bodys ears. Dior: wait you notised those too. Liam: well yes of coruse.

chapter 4

Dior: I think those are controlling everyone into zombie kids. CRASH! Liam: what was that. together: ZOMBIE KIDS!

chapter 5

okay now you get it good. Can't talk now got to run! three hours later... Dior: i think we lost them... OR I LOST YOU TO THEM! AHHHH. im soo scared. Alexis: hi dior. Dior: i thorght you were a zombie. Alexis: na i just pretend too i thorght you would like me then.

chapter 6

Dior: what are you talking about i always liked as a friend. Alexis: oh. ok we better run. Alexis: YES FINALLY just me and dior alone. Dior: what did you say. Alexis: nothing!

chapter 7

Okay me alone agien alexis got zombifide SUDDENLY im bake at school and mrs lyons wakes me up it turns out i was dreaming my story or was I...
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