Life without Europeans

in Canada

what would it be named by Brooke h.

If Europeans didn't come then Jacques Cartier didn't come, if he didn't come then Canada wouldn't be Canada so what would it be named? would it be named "Kanata" or some other first nations name also what would all of us be named?

clothing by Lexus

what would clothing be like? more like this less like this

would you like to wear first

nations cloths or our cloths

video games by Gurlal

what would video games be like no minecraft and worse of all no advanced warfare Instead it would be like building houses and hunting and trading games.

sports by Cody

The first nations would still play Canada's national sport lacrosse.The first nations would think it is a gift from the creator.they

housing and food sources by Brooke and Lexus

we would probaly still live in long houses with our extended family instead of having a stove closet and dresser and a regular bed you would have a fire and cedar chest and a bunk bed or maybe it wouldn't be like that but it would probaly similar like the two of them could be combined and you could have your own bed we would proably have some form of stove not exactly a fire not exactly a stove to cook your food. We would probaly still have grocery stores but we could still possibly have to hunt for some of our food.I can you one thing if first nations people still had control our bacground would be nothing like our city or more likley village,there would probaly have a none or little polution .