Ryan U. Trevor N. Grace U. Hannah L.


We have interviewed 3 experts and they have told use a lot of useful and good information about being organized. Here is information that the experts have told us.

Ms. Doyle, a 6th grade teacher recommended to use planners, calendars, lists, and to work at being organized everyday. She also recommended to come up with a system that works for you and stick to it. By doing all of these tips, you will be able to accomplish more things more efficiently. Mrs. Merrigan, a 7th grade teacher recommended to make lists, have folders, and a planner to keep your things organized. She also recommended to use the pile method, a method where you put everything from a subject separate so then you can know where everything is and you don't struggle trying to find everything. Mrs. Breese, a 8th grade teacher recommended to use a planner, make lists, categorize everything, make deadlines, and develop the habit of being organized.

Guy's Perpective

“What is important to me is organization. I realize how important organization is because I struggled with it awhile back. It has boosted grades up for me, and I’m very happy now. So some tips are: Get a folder for loose papers.Don’t carry around too much or too little around to your classes. And possibly the most important, write in your planner.” -Ryan Upp

“What matters is organization?" "One easy key to being organized is having a planner. A planner sorts everyday plans. For example, you have two tests but forgot which day they are both on, with a planner you would have the day the tests was on and say what test it was for. Another thing that you should try to do is keep your papers in separate folders, for example you could keep a binder that sorts out all of the classes." -Trevor Nelson

Girl's Perspective

"Organization is an important thing in life. You will use organization everyday in 6th grade. It is part of your routine. Some tips to being organized is to always use a planner. A planner will keep track of homework, plans, and upcoming events. Also having an organized locker and backpack will help with your 6th grade year. Being organized helps with your education, for example, having organized homework will help with you after school routine." -Hannah Le & Grace Underdown

14 Extra Tips to being Organized

-Buy a good book bag or tote.

-Purchase supplies.

-Make sure everything has a place and stays in it!

-Try setting up a schedule in the morning that will help you with staying organized.

Try setting up a schedule in the morning that will help you with staying organized.

Always have backup supplies!

-At home, set up a drawer or area in your room for extra school supplies.

- Only buy the types of supplies you need.

-Label everything, and label it correctly, so you know where everything is.

-If you like to draw or make up stories in your free time or while waiting for the bus, keep an "extra folder" for all your papers.

-If you have teachers that often give you big assignments, keep a spot in your notebook for keeping up with all the info and supplies for that project so it won't be mixed in with daily work.

-Keep hole punch that goes in your binder so any papers your teacher hands you, you can put them in your binder (if you keep a binder).

-Do not shove all papers into your backpack; this will make a mess and you will not be able to find anything you need!

-Make sure to pay attention.

-If your school has lockers, consider buying a locker organizer.