Architectural Engineering

By: Morgan Crump

Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineers apply engineering principles to construction, planning and design of building and other structures.

Architectural and Engtineering Design Process

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Responsibilities and Duties

  • Engineers have to meet clients requirements and budget.
  • Must observe construction site properly before construction starts.
  • has to ensure optimal use of raw materials.
  • Has to create blueprints either by hand or a computer aided program like Auto CAD.
  • Engineers must evaluate protocols presented by architects.

Ethical Situation

In order to save money, architectural engineers have to consider the cost of materials and the best way to use them in order for it not to be wasted.

Associated Careers

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Urban and regional planners
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My poduct

I would produce houses that could be made for less and are LEED certified. (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

Market Analiysis

- An analysis of technical corporate and market data used to predict movements in the market. Some predictions could be wrong in the market which will lose money for the company