Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas is an amazing gymnast with an amazing story.

After watching Nastia Luken snatch the gold all around gold medal in Bejing 2008 the question was who would be the next Olympic champion? The answer is Gabby Douglas. Gabby made history in London 2012. Gabby became the first African American to win an Olympic all around gold medal. Gabby also become the first U.S. gymnast to win a all around gold medal and a team gold medal in the same Olympics. Upcoming elite Russian gymnast Samantha Smith witnesed Gabby make history. "In 2012 my family and I went to London to watch the women's gymnastics all around compitition,"says Samantha "I was in awe when I saw Gabby perform. She was so athletic! Even though I'm from Russia I really wanted Gabby to win. I held my breath throughout Gabby's floor routine. After she stuck her finale tumbling pass I lept to my feet along with the rest of the arena,not only the Americans. It was a Gabby gold! I'll never forget that life changing moment!

Rough childhood

Though Gabby's living the dream life now her life wasn't always that easy. Gabby's mom almost died the day Gabby was born-Decmber 31,1995 in Virginia. doctors tripped over each other while trying to stop her from bleeding to death! Finally they gave her some meds to stop the bleeding.

When Gabby was young cash was very tight. Her mom quit working to take care of Gabby and her three other siblings, Ariel, Joyell, and John, and her dad had trouble keeping a job. At one point cash was so low Gabby and her family had to rent a van. To make maters worse Gabby was shrinking by the day. But since Gabby's family didn't have enough money to pay for health insurance. Gabby hadn't been to a doctor since she was born! Finally the letter from the hospital Gabby was born at that had the results from Gabby's blood tests. They diagnosed Gabby with a life threatening blood disease called branch chain ketoaciduria. It's a rare blood disease found in infants who can't produce certain types of protein. The condition is also known as the maple syrup urine disease [MSUD].Mostly because it makes baby's urine smell like maple syrup. Since they had no money to pay for a treatment all they could do was hope. Luckily by the time Gabby was six months old the disease had completely gone away.

Shortly after the disease went away her mom and dad got a divorced. When Gabby was in grade school she was teased for every reason, to short, not good at gymnastics, not being smart,etc... Once her couch even said to her face that she needed a nose job! even though her childhood was vary rough thing would finally start to look up.


Gabby Douglas is an Olympic inspiration to nations. But it almost didn't happen. two hundred ten days before the olympics Gabby's family went to Iowa to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New year. One day Gabby was so homesick she began to draft into her phone I've always loved Usain Bolt..... Maybe I could swap gymnastics for running. I want to quit. As Gabby pulled into gym she handed her phone to her mom. After Gabby shocked everyone with the announcement that she planed on quitting Travis tried to talk her out of it, Chow tried to talk her out of it, her mom tried to talk her out of it. But the conversation Gabby had with her brother was the one that changed every thing. Gabby's alway been close with her brother John so there's no surprise he's the one who talked her out of quitting.

"What are you doing back here so early?"asked John glancing at the clock.

"I'm quitting," Gabby expland.

"Why quit now?"

"Because I don't want to!"

"Get your stuff Gabby I'm taking you back to the Patrons," Gabby's mom screamed. Chow said that Gabby's afraid of seusus witch Gabby still denies to this day. After Gabby's family left John called

"How is it that other gymnast win all these other competitions and you've got so few notches on your belt."

"How many notches do you have on your belt," I shoot back. He paused

"Well at least I don't mess around in practice. My couch takes me to hell and back each day and I LOVE it remember our family Moto Brie - if you want to be the best you have to take on the best." that was Gabby's turning point..... 195 more days tell the Olympics.

Is it over!?!

After the Olympics Gabby took two years off of training! During Gabby's free time she learned what it was like to be famous. Some of Gabby's favorite experiences were The MTV vides music awards aka "The VMA." on that night makeup artist and hair stylist went to work on Gabby. When they arrived the crowed started chanting U-S-A,U-S-A! The fierce five(Gabby Dulouglas, Ally Rassimen, Maykala Moroney, Kyla Ross,and Jorden Webber.) walked in after Miley Cyrus. When Katy Perry spotted Gabby she screamed "Gabby I love you!" Then snapped a picture. Gabby also meat Tayler Swift, Rihanna, Chirs Brown, and of corse Alicia Keys- Gabby's stage partner for Alicia's song "Girl on Fire". Gabby's handsprings were fine... But her shirt was not. During her performance Gabby's shirt flew up!!! Luckily all the crowed could see was her belly botton. What's next for Gabby? First Gabby can't wait to simply catch her breath and chilax. Secondly. Gabby restarted training and gas her eyes set on Rio.
Gabby Douglas is a phenomenal gymnast. She inspired nations with her gold and the story leading up to it. Gabby continues to compete and continues to amaze us with her technique, athleticism, and personality. She fought me to NEVER give up on a dream no mater what the circumstance.