Name chosen for new JABSOM cafe!


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Musician, Hawai`i Island resident, and Medical Student Charles Peebles submitted the winning entry in the "Name our cafe" contest for the new restaurant at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). Charles is pictured with his dad and JABSOM Dean Jerris Hedges at the White Coat Ceremony last year.

Peebles was among 18 entrants in the contest, designed to give a Hawaiian name to our restaurant, located on the ground floor, mauka side of the Medical Education Building. Mahalo to all our participants, because each name was thoughtfully presented--making for a very tough judging session!

Peebles wrote, "Waiola means the water of life. It can also refer to coconut water, from a plant with many medicinal properties. It also has religious connotations, for example, Waiola o Kane refers to the "life water of Kane" and is considered sacred in the Hawaiian religion."

In describing how the name ties into the medical school or our community, Charles wrote that "Water of life has obvious health connotations. Furthermore, there is an artificial spring in front of the restaurant that would tie in with the name. Lastly, in modern times, and for us medical students, coffee is the water of life."

Charles was raised on Hawai`i Island and is a member of the MD Class of 2016 at JABSOM. He holds a master's degree in music from the University of North Texas, and played saxophone and piano professionally before entering medical school. He is considering a career in surgery.

Congratulations, Charles! Your name and your description of its intended meaning will have a permanent place in Cafe Waiola by The Curb, which opens to the public December 23, 2013.